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Best Coconut Oil In Nigeria
Alexsial Coconut Oil (skin cosmetics, baby oil and edible oil) is a product of LADERIN NIGERIA LIMITED.
Our company offers Alexsial products, 100% all-natural authentic virgin coconut oil; extracted from only quality hand-picked, fresh and mature African coconut seeds. Our virgin coconut oil is cold-processed to allow the retention of natural anti-oxidants and preserve the distinct aroma and flavor of coconut. This process ensures the premium quality of our oil.

As cosmetics, Alexsial is skin friendly oil that has therapeutic applications. Its germicidal property and rapid skin penetration makes it ideal body oil for baby and adult alike.

As a dietary product , Alexsial Coconut oil is excellent in cooking and frying of food. Most of the saturated fats in coconut oil belong to short and medium chain fatty acids. This is believed to give substantial health benefits when used as a dietary fat because of their rapid utilization for energy. Coconut oil is more easily digested than any other oil or fat including butter.