Alexsial Virgin Coconut Oil 1000ML x 12pcs (Blue Cap)


Key Features

  • Cold Processed
  • Water clear in color
  • Nafdac reg no: 08-11581
  • Endorsed by Certified Laboratory Inc.(200 Express Street, Plainview New York 1103
  • Ideal for cooking, salad dressing & frying,
  • Does not Spatter when heated
  • Can be taken orally or add to tea & coffee to boost its flavor


Like human breast milk, Alexsial Virgin Coconut Oil is predominantly rich in lauric acid, a medium chain saturated fatty acid which boosts immunity, destroy harmful bacteria & viruses & cannot be converted by the body into trans-fat and cholesterol responsible for plaque formation. Alexsial coconut oil is a uniquely processed, pure and made from the best specie and carefully Selected coconut.


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