Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 100ML x 100pcs (Green Cap)


Key Features

  • Nafdac Certified
  • An Ideal moisturizer that helps relive dryness and and combat facial pimles
  • Fight diapper rash and other skin infection Skin infection associated with new babies
  • An anti dandruff that promote healthy looking hair
  • Combat enzema, Ringwarm and other skin infections.


Alexsial Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is cold Processed Pure and natural. It is made from the best species of coconut. It is fast absorbing, leaving no smell behind. Alexsial Extra Virgin Coconut oil is gentle enough on the newly born to prevent skin problems associated with them. It allows baby’s skin breath naturally there by retaining the original silky texture. For adult, it is an ideal moisturizer that promotes healthy looking complexion and hair, softens skin and helps relieve dryness of hair and flaking, combat facial pimples and also provides protection from damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation from the sun


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